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  • 1. Why is best site to post resume online? helps job seekers find the right jobs that matches their aspirations with millions of latest jobs from different Industries, skills from all over India and abroad with a attractive stats. 2.5+ Millions Top Jobs Available 5+ Million Employers Registered here 50+K Resume Download Daily
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    With very simple procedure a job seeker can upload her/his resume easily by provide some basic details.
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    It's best way to keep applying for specific jobs, even though you posted your resume online. Once you submitted your resume to our job portals, you will get continuous job alert in your in my profile and in your mail id also.
  • 4. Is my personal details safe to post online?
    Yes, sharing your address, phone number and other details are very much safe in our portal and Recruiter has permission to access your resume and profile details against matching jobs.
  • 5. How does help job seekers to get their dream job? offers plenty of latest job opportunities to job seeker, helping them to connect directly with recruiters & consultant to achieve their dream jobs.

Submit your resume is one of the important step for online application for your job career. Uploading your bio data with all details like your educational details, professional details and career experience is most vital resources for companies who wants to hire you. If you have a good academic background in some technical field or you're looking for an IT job or any non-IT job, is the best place for career growth. It's probably the biggest specialized job online platform in India to achieve your dream job. With a growing number of companies looking to hire professional talent, Freshers and experience candidates for which post your resume on PlacementIndia is a great way to grow for job career.

Posting your resume on is pretty simple as well. All you have to do is create a free account and then either create your resume through our Resume Writing services or submit your resume if you have an impressive resume with you. also covers global job seekers, since recruiters and consultant can search in many countries. While some say that posting your resume on a job site brilliant step and millions of job seekers have succeed using