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Job Facts

1. What is the work of computer operator?
As a computer operator responsible are monitoring and controlling computer systems in a company or organization. Responsibilities like include troubleshooting software and hardware issues, monitoring the batch processing, maintaining and improving system performance and online availability, maintaining all system and application documentation, and assisting with computer problems..
2. What skill required for a computer operator Jobs?
A computer operator is liable for fixing PC related issues, entering information, and overseeing numerous different errands identified with PC offices or labs. Nowadays, most positions require PC related abilities. PCs are utilized for individual just as business purposes. Both Software and Hardware skill are an eligibility requirement for computer operator jobs.
3. How frequently computer operator jobs available now a days?
India is one of the most developing countries in the World with enormous Industrial development. In each sector, India is growing and the computer is the most important field in each sector. So you can find computer-related jobs in all sectors like Govt. The sector, Private sector, defense sector, etc. So you can find computer operator jobs in each field nowadays in India.
4. What will be salary of a computer operator?
The average salary for a Computer Operator in India is approx 3 Lakhs per year. But it can vary from company to company according to your skill and experience. One experience computer operator can earn a handsome amount in reputed companies and metro cities also..
5. Which are the top cities for computer operator jobs?
Since computer operator occupations don\'t need significant levels of capability, you can discover great alternatives in many urban areas and big cities. You can secure computer operator positions in Bangalore, Delhi, Noida, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, and Pune among different urban areas. In the event that you don\'t live in one of the enormous urban areas and are available to moving, underneath are the urban communities that extend to the most open doors for computer operator occupations..